W7AWH - Contact Information


Welcome to W7AWH.com my contact page for amateur radio. My QTH is located in Pine Arizona along the Mogollon Rim at 5,450 feet. I'm about 105 miles north of Phoenix and my grid square is DM44gi in Gila County.

The local rag-chew frequency here in Pine and Strawberry is 146.420MHz. I also monitor the 146.520 MHz 2m calling frequency and the 1.25m simplex calling frequency of 223.500MHz. Payson which is about 13 miles to the southeast has a repeater at 147.390MHz with a PL tone of 100. All of theses frequencies mentioned are in my scanner so if I'm in the shack I should hear you.

Here is a page of | reviews | for radios and power supplies I have had the pleasure of owning.

If you like photographs check out my | DennisHowe.com | home website.


For the local weather conditions here in Pine check out my weather website. | PineAZweather.com |

Amateur Radio Bands:

For the HF bands I am using a homebrew 160m 244-foot dipole strung up in the Ponderosa Pine trees. I use the Yaesu FT-897D and MFJ-974HB balanced line tuner with 84 feet of 450-ohm ladder line out to the center of the dipole. I can tune everything from 160m's to 6m's.

For 2 meters and 70cm's I have the Diamond X-510 mounted up on the peak of my two story garage. If you are passing through Pine try 146.420MHz simplex for the locals.

For the 1.25m band I am using the Hustler 5.2db CG-220 mobile antenna with the MKR-2 radial kit. I get the Pinal Peak 224.100MHz and the Mingus Mt. 224.080MHz repeaters at almost full scale from my location in Pine. If you are passing through Pine try 223.500MHz simplex you might find me at my station.